Easily create job profiles

Recrout’s user-friendly ATS recruitment platform allows you to easily create enriched job profiles based on desired competencies.


Our platform allows you to work only with job postings that will be effective in attracting qualified candidates. Contact us to see how our platform can help you improve your recruitment process.

100% cloud based

The Recrout ATS platform is a SaaS product that gives you zero IT costs and can be used the same day.


Our platform is easy to set up and requires little time for onboarding, so you can quickly get started improving your recruitment process in an objective and intelligent way.

Find out who best fits your culture

With the Recrout ATS platform, you can not only determine what job requirements you are looking for, but also discover which applicants are the best fit for your organization.


Based on your desired core values, our objective platform predicts which candidates will best match your organization’s culture.

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Try Recrout for FREE


Try Recrout for free

We are convinced that more and more organizations are looking for modern and non-discriminatory tools to improve their recruitment process and maintain their good image.

To do our part in contributing to a fair labor market, we are happy to offer you a no-obligation trial account to see if Recrout is right for your organization, with no hidden terms. Just try it.