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Will your Recruitment ATS give me a fair chance?

Our competence-driven recruitment ATS evaluates soft skills without bias.
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Recruit with a high degree of Integrity and Quality

But above all, an intelligent and
non-discriminatory recruitment process!

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100% unbiased matching intelligence at your fingertips

With our integrated assessment module you can easily evaluate your applicants on 48 work-related competencies and automatically match them to your vacancies.

This allows you to select the right candidates for each vacancy, ensuring an efficient and effective recruitment process.

Easily match on cultural fit

Share your core values with potential hires

Use our intelligent and unbiased recruitment platform to ensure your new employees align with your organization’s culture, contributing to long-term success.


Our algorithms automatically matches your culture profiles with all your applicants, ensuring you make the perfect match.


Most user-friendly ATS

All in 1 solution for your recruitment needs

Designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, Recrout’s ATS 3.0 platform provides a standard work-at-home site to attract the best talent.

Our competency-driven approach ensures you attract and retain the right candidates so you can make the perfect match for your organization.

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We are convinced that more and more organizations are looking for modern and non-discriminatory tools to improve their recruitment process and maintain their good image.

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