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The perfect combination between an innovative ATS, an AI-driven multi-job-poster, and an assessment platform. To help you automate your recruitment process and help you predict the best hires based on soft skills

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Recrout = User friendly Validated assessments Unbiased Automated ATS 3.0 Smart algorithms More candidates Professional Cultural fit AI matching

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What do we have to offer?

Stress-free HR digitization and recruitment innovation for every organization that believes in an objective and intelligent labor market.

The successor to the traditional ATS

Fully automate the selection process

Recrout’s innovative HR technology helps you automate the labour-intensive application and selection process. No more cumbersome, repetitive tasks, such as endless CV and cover letter screening.

Discover the perfect candidate based on science

Unbiased and Talent-driven matching

Recrout’s matching technology enables you to match all your applicants automatically and objectively with your ideal job and culture profiles. Based on the competences that are essential to the success of the organization.

Achieve more with intelligent recruitment campaigns

Intelligent sourcing and enriched talentpools

With Recrout’s integrated AI-driven multi-job poster, you can create effective recruitment campaigns that will help you reach more candidates in a tight job market.

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Recrout offers you more than just a tool, we offer you an excellent recruitment process

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