Recrout is one of the leading recruitment startups in Europe and we are the only data-driven HR Technology company that offers a white-label, easy-to-use, objective pre-selection and matching platform for START-UPS, SCALE-UPS and SMEs to help you predict the best hires!

We help START-UPS, SCALE-UPS and SMEs automate the matching and (pre) selection phase of recruitment and help you to discover, based on validated data, who is best able to contribute to your business objectives.

From now on you only invest time and effort in candidates who have a high predictability of future job success within your organization. We already have enought costly mismatches on the labormarket. Why not prevent mismatches if you can get the tools to simply prevent them?

The affordable Recrout HR technology for START-UPS, SCALE-UPS and SMEs is objective and without human bias. You can start implementing data-driven recruitment today!


Diversity without the compulsive edges

Objective selection technology

Data-driven recruitment at your fingertips

Resumes don't change the world, people do

The simplicity technology has to offer

You conduct the interviews, we take care of the rest

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