Why keep working with time-consuming and complicated recruitment software when it can be done easily?

Recrout’s HR recruitment software is easily accessible, widely deployable and affordable for any organization which is serious about modernizing and simplifying its own recruitment process with the implementation of intelligent and unbiased selection software.

Whatever your recruitment goals are, we will help you to achieve them. Recrout’s HR technology, including assessment software and job multi-poster, will help you get ahead. Easily measure the competencies of ALL your applicants with Recrout!

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The all-in-one solution for recruitment

The perfect combination between an ATS, a job multi-poster and an assessment system to help organizations automate their recruitment process – from start to finish – and objectively predict the best applicants based on competencies.

One centralized place for all recruitment aspects

Automate the selection process

Recrout’s user-friendly ATS helps you automate the labor-intensive application and selection process. The innovative successor to the traditional ATS enables you to streamline your recruitment activities from start to finish into an excellent process.   

Discover top talents based on scientifically validated selection methods

Unbiased Matching Technology

Our validated and unbiased matching technology supports and provides recruiters with all the enriched knowledge needed for informed selection decisions in a fraction of a second. By effortlessly creating ideal match and culture profiles based on 48 competencies, you can immediately identify which candidate does or does not fit within your organization. 

Discover all of the competencies of each applicant

Scientifically validated selection assessments

The Recrout platform is integrated with a psychometric assessment system that allows you to professionally test all your applicants. Our intelligent matching algorithms are supported by validated data with the help of our friends at Cubiks-PSI.

Talent acquisition has never been easier

Recrout's job multi-poster

With the integrated AI-powered job multi-poster, you post all your jobs to over 2100+ job boards worldwide at the click of a button, helping you reach more candidates in these times of tight labor market.

kandidaten database | candidate talent pool
Say goodbye to the graveyard of resumes

Create your own savvy talent pools

Recrout’s innovative software allows you to organically build your own database full of enriched candidate profiles. You can effortlessly create different talent pools to automatically match candidates based on their competencies and talents before you post new vacancies externally.

Completely customized to your unique corporate style

Your own professional career site

At Recrout, you will receive your own unique career page in your own corporate branding or easily connect the Recrout platform to your current website for the ultimate candidate experience.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Recrout offers more than just a tool, we offer you an excellent recruitment process

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