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Recruitment technology to help you find the perfect match

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We have been a pioneer in the field of recruitment innovation and objective matching technology since 2015. We help you to automatically filter candidates and streamline the selection process.

Also, our software, with an integrated assessment system, prevents “expensive mismatches” where piles of CVs are a thing of the past.

We take a stand

Our core values

INTELLIGENCE: We love talents who can solve and simplify complex problems

INTEGRITY: We believe in having strong moral principles when it comes to doing business

IMPACT: We believe in work that matters, work that positively affects people and organizations

What we believe in

Our vision

We believe that selecting talent generates the best results when matches are based on objective data, talent, and personality traits. Without discrimination based on race, age, gender, religion, quotas, or any other form of discrimination. And certainly not based on old-fashioned resumes.

Recruitment is about objectively looking at who is best able to contribute to your business goals. That’s the core.

We believe in an equal, fair, and above all intelligent labor market.

Our reason to exist

Our mission in life

Developing beautiful products based on social science and technology to help our customers predict the best matches based on validated data and smart algorithms.

So that we enable our clients to intelligently select candidates who are best able to contribute to the success of their organization. Smarter, simpler, and more efficient than all our competitors.

One last thing

What if we could change the way we connect people to jobs?

Meet NORA.

NORA is the name of our matching algorithm “Neural Objective Recruitment Algorithm”. We have brought her to life, so you could have all her superpowers at your disposal. NORA is a beautiful fair and objective young woman eager to learn all the secrets of AI to help you make the right hiring choices. Nora will enable us to collect billions of data points, and feed her with this data, so she can become smarter in creating predictive analytics. You can expect to see more from NORA soon
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